Everything for your visual communication

With strong visual communication, we make sure that your brand gets people talking. Step out of the shadows, put your company in the spotlight and effortlessly attract new prospects. Amaze Group supports you with signing in the broadest sense of the word: stickers, advertising signs, banners, facade cladding... Our graphic designers study your house style inside and out for a smooth connection with your visual communication. With our years of experience and expertise, we strengthen your branding!

Everything for your vehicle

Even without breakneck manoeuvres, you can attract attention on the track. Amaze Group gives your vehicle a personalised look with lettering or car wrapping. A car for the city, a pick-up, a lorry...We roll out our expertise for any vehicle. From design to installation, we take care of the entire process with a smile and always strive for a perfect finish. We are also your one-stop shop for protective film.

Everything for your event

Are you organising an event? If so, you will pull out all the stops to leave a lasting impression. The right look is essential! Amaze Group is ready to make sure your brand gets noticed. Flags, banners, roll-ups, inflatables ... The product range is wide, the service is people-oriented. We place your wishes first, print with attention to detail and manufacture items in the right format. Good for adding an impressive accent to your event!


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